Blogging Services and Marketing

Daytona Web DesignThe internet of today is no longer an outdated static page that never gets updated, which means you must stay with the curve as a site owner. The website you built 10 years ago could be seriously out dated if you haven’t given it the love it needed this whole time. Recently, Google changed their algorithm to rank updated sites differently. Many business owners across the country and the world experienced severe drops in rank, and were left with no choice but to “optimize”.

What should I do?

Search engine optimization was once a straightforward process that involved optimizing a page to utilize meta information, and to organize the information in a certain way that was friendly for search engines. Fast forward to today and it’s a much different game. The more relevant content you have on your website, the more likely you are to rank for certain key phrases. However, it’s not straightforward and you must add-on more content periodically in order to keep your rank on search terms you want. It’s no longer a set it and forget it approach.

Blogging is your best friend at this point. WordPress makes it very easy to post content that is relevant to your site, and it provides a way for customers and fans to interact with you on a social level.

You have to imagine that the internet is an ever growing network, which means that more people than ever are putting themselves into Google. This means that competition rises and the tricks and techniques become more advanced.

Here’s what we offer

At Net Works, Inc. we have a full team of knowledgeable individuals who understand the internet in it’s current state. We utilize the latest tools for analyses and optimization. Blogging is one very effective method we use to get you ranked for certain key-phrases. We also encourage the use of micro-sites, which are simple one page sites that point to your site, but use a domain name that is more specific to the product you are trying to sell.

Just know that you are receiving the latest in search engine optimization and not something that is outdated. Give us a call for a free estimate today at 386-248-0000.