Computer, Laptop or Tablet?

If you are in the market for a new computer, you may be wondering which type of hardware best meets your needs.  The choice of a desktop or laptop used to be pretty straightforward, but things have gotten a bit more complicated in recent years.

It was not long ago that the price difference between a quality desktop and a laptop with similar specs was enormous.  Back then, you might be able to buy a competent desktop PC for $500-$600, but a similarly equipped laptop would set you back more than $1000.  

The price gap between desktop and laptop has decreased significantly.  There is still a small price difference, but if you shop around you can find a quality laptop for $100-$200 more than a desktop with similar specifications. 

This means that the choice between desktop and laptop comes down to more than just price.  When making the decision you need to look at things like your lifestyle and personal preferences.

If you like the idea of being able to take your computer with you when you travel, a laptop is probably the best choice.  Ditto if you would like to use the computer outdoors or carry it around while on the job. 

Buying a laptop has a number of important benefits, but there are some drawbacks to consider as well.  Many users dislike the small and sometimes cramped keyboards on many laptios.  This issue is more pronounced on the tiny laptops, and sometimes even full-size models come with skimpy keyboards.

Likewise a laptop may not be able to hold up to the same level of use (and abuse) as a desktop.  If you have young children, a desktop PC will probably be more durable and economical. With kids, the keyboard is a key consideration.  If your child was to spill juice on the desktop keyboard, it could easily be replaced for $20, while the same spill on the laptop will probably send you to repair shop.

What about a Tablet?
Tablet computers have become more capable than ever and can be real alternatives to traditional computers.  Prices of many popular tables have fallen quite a bit, and if portability is your number one consideration, than replacing your laptop with a tablet computer can make a lot of sense.  

With tablets, there are some points to consider.  The lack of a full sized keyboard and smaller screen size being the primary.  If you plan on doing a lot of word processing, design, cad, video production, etc, than a desktop or laptop is a better choice.  But if you plan to use if for surfing the web, doing emails and playing games, than a tablet is a great alternative.  

The choice between desktop, laptop and tablet comes down to how you plan to use the machine.  If your old computer is on its last legs, think about your own needs and preferences before making a replacement purchase.  If you have any questions about what PC, Mac, desktop, laptop or tablet will best fit your needs, feel free to contact us anytime.