Taking action now can protect your data and company should a hurricane hit our area this weekend.

Let’s look at a few key steps that can help your business prepare:

  • Backup Your Data : Make a backup of your server or all of your important data and take it with you. Even if you are using automated offsite daily backups, we still recommend hooking up an external hard drive and manually making a full copy to take with you during an evacuation. 

  • Test Your Backups : Most businesses rely on an automated system to make sure their important data is backed up daily.  As important as this is, they often forget to test and make sure the system is working.  Take the time today to make sure you have an updated full backup online, and do a few test restores of important files, to make sure they work. 

  • Get all electronics off the floor: It is common for computers and battery backups to be sitting on the floor under your desk.  When leaving for the weekend this Friday, unplug all of your equipment and put it on top of your desk. 

DO NOT PROCASTINATE (or Panic).  The storm is still 5 days away, and the path and strength are unknown, so it is not yet time for panic mode.  But it is time to start making the necessary steps to make sure everything is ready, just in case