Realtor Website Design

Net Works offers professional Realtor website design and marketing for Real Estate agencies across the country. Our programmers located in Daytona Beach have the skills necessary to develop a rich, fully interactive, customizable site that will grow with your agency for years to come.

Currently, millions of people and businesses use the internet to find homes and buildings. A Realtor website these days is a must have, but it’s even more important to have a good-looking Realtor website. You will do much better with a website that has proper information and a professional design. A potential prospect may leave your site simply because it looks outdated, has the wrong information, or because it isn’t interactive enough. The goal is to develop a certain amount of trust between the Realtor and the client, and what better way to do that than to have a fantastic looking Realtor website.

Locating The Property

Searching for properties on your Realtor website should be easy. It wouldn’t make sense to search by zip code if you only serve one area. Depending on your needs, our Daytona Beach Realtor website designers can critique your search so that it’s an easy experience for the client. Locating a property should be the most important aspect to a Realtor website.

Images and Galleries

You can’t sell Real Estate unless you show the client pictures. There are so many Real Estate websites on the internet that are fully interactive with image galleries, and some have video. Showing your clients a property through the internet can be an effective way to save your time and the client’s.


Consider showcasing your best properties on the front page without making the client search. Showcasing a property is a great way to promote, especially if your agency caters to a small region. The probability of someone landing on your site and looking for a property in a location you don’t serve is slim.

Marketing a Realtor Website

Our team in Daytona Beach, Florida can help you advertise your Realtor website by using a number of tools. Our goal is to get you ranked well within search engines by using paid advertising and search engine optimization. Our team is constantly staying up-to-date on what it takes to be cutting-edge online.

If you wan’t a really great Realtor website, Net Works is your go to place. Give us a call at 386-248-0000 for a free estimate.