VOIP solutions for Daytona Beach

At Net Works, Inc. we use VOIP solutions for our own office, and we strongly encourage you do the same for your business. VOIP calling allows you to lower your monthly phone bill while adding a multitude of great features. VOIP systems can cater to most businesses that are seeking new communication solutions.

Here are a few perks to installing a VOIP system:

  • Unified Wiring
  • Web Based Administration
  • Leveraging the Internet for Telephone Calls
  • Private Instant Messaging
  • Peer to Peer Phone Calls
  • Peer to Peer Video
  • Remote Users
  • Reduced Costs

What is VOIP (Voice over IP)?

VOIP is a mash-up of several technologies, standards, and methods that will transmit a multimedia session across an IP address. Usually VOIP networks use the internet to create the connection. Multimedia sessions are simply a voice call, video call, or both.

VOIP systems can be used on a computer, through a VOIP handset, and other methods. The line between a land-line and virtual is quickly becoming thinner, and we have never been more proud to introduce this great service to you.

Our team at Net Works, Inc. can help you with your VOIP setup immediately. Give us a call at 386-248-0000.