Return Policy & Warranty Plan – Terms and Conditions

The Plan:

These terms and conditions of this service contract (“Terms and Conditions”) govern the hardware services we will provide you under the above-mentioned plans (each referred to herein as a “Net Works Inc. Warranty Plan”) for the product identified on your purchase receipt as having coverage under a Plan (“Covered Product”). These Terms and Conditions describe the coverage under each type of Plan (“Coverage”).

Standard Return Policy

  • Net Works accepts returns for up to 30 days on qualifying products. Product Warranty is the responsibility of the Manufacturer unless otherwise specified. Please contact us for Manufacturer Contact Information or Proof of Purchase if needed to submit an RMA (Return merchandise authorization) with the product’s manufacturer.
  • Return for refund/replacement within: 30 days
  • Restocking Fee for products without defect: 15.00%

All returns must include the following or it will be declined and returned back to you at your cost:

  • Receipt or other Proof of Purchase.
  • Original UPC/serial# intact on product and on retail package.
  • All accessories, manuals, warranty registration card, etc.
  • Must be in original condition with no physical damage.
  • Valid RMA number for the correct product and order.

Net Works Inc. – Standard Warranty Plan:

Standard Warranty Plan includes Hardware Diagnostic and Repair/Replacement on faulty hardware under normal use, for one year from date of receipt;

  1. Except to the extent covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and subject to the conditions stated in these Terms and Conditions, under the Net Works Inc. Warranty Plan, we will repair your Covered Product in the event of a hardware failure resulting from:
    1. Defects in material or workmanship;
    2. Normal wear and tear;
    3. Internal overheating, internal humidity/condensation;
    4. Defective pixels for Covered Products that have a pixel-based display. Pixel repair will be approved based upon manufacturer’s requirements for defective pixels throughout the entire display area;


Warranty does NOT cover failure or damage resulting from misuse, abuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, natural disasters, power surges, improper maintenance, or use not in accordance with product information materials. Additional information regarding warranty limitations can be found in the LIMITATION OF LIABILITY and EXCLUSIONS TO COVERAGE sections on Page 2.

All warranty claims under Net Works Inc. Warranty Plan MUST be dropped off at any Net Works Inc. location by the Client. Warranty Plan does NOT cover Pick-up, Delivery, or On-Site repairs by Net Works Inc. employees or technicians.

Net Works Inc – Extended Warranty Plan

Extended warranty includes the same coverage as the Standard Warranty Plan for the 2- or 3-year Warranty Period specified on your receipt.

Warranty Plan – Terms and Conditions (cont.)


For any single claim, the limit of liability is the lesser of the cost of (a) repairs authorized by us, (b) replacement with a new or refurbished product of comparable type and quality that is of comparable performance or (c) reimbursement for authorized repairs or replacement. The total liability under this Plan is the current market value (as determined by us) of your Covered Product in its non-defective state, not to exceed the original purchase price of your Covered Product, including taxes. Technological advances may result in a replacement product with a lower selling price than the original Covered Product. In the event that the total of all authorized repairs exceeds the current market value of your Covered Product (in its non-defective state) or we replace the Covered Product, we shall have satisfied all obligations under the Plan.


  1. In addition to any other Coverage and Product- specific exclusions identified above, claims and Coverage under this Plan will be denied in the following situations:
  • If the damage to your Covered Product was caused by accident, abuse, neglect, physical damage, misuse (including faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone other than a Net Works-authorized service technician), unauthorized modification, viruses and/or spyware, performance failures due to not maintaining firmware updates, unsuitable environment (including extreme temperature or humidity), external condensation, mold, immersion/submersion in liquid (e.g., pool, bathtub), lightning, fire, flood, insect infestation, rodents, war, terrorism, computer software related failures, Acts of God or other external causes, or use not as the manufacturer intended, as stated in your manufacturer’s warranty;
  • If your Covered Product was lost or stolen (this Plan only covers Covered Products returned to us in their entirety);
  • If the serial numbers on your Covered Product have been altered, defaced or removed or if you submit a claim for a product having a different serial number than the serial number our records indicate for the Covered Product;
  • If the damage to your Covered Product was caused by a device other than your Covered Product, including equipment purchased at the same time as your Covered Product, controllers, consumable parts such as batteries, etc., unless otherwise expressly allowed herein;
  • If the use of the Covered Product is not consistent with either its design or the way the manufacturer intended it to be used, e.g., humidity damage on computers not designed for outdoor use;
  • If the Covered Product was damaged due to contact with any human or animal bodily fluids;
  • If the damage to the Covered Product is secondary damage (e.g., there is a car accident and the Covered Product is damaged by the car accident);
  • If there is damage to the Covered Product that is excluded or not covered under this Plan, including products attached to the Covered Product, such as components or add-on accessories.