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Computer Repair and maintenance

We offer a full range of services, from a simple repair of your desktop PC’s, to upgrading your PC’s and servers, all the way to custom built PC’s & Servers.

Network cabling

Net Works specializes in the installation of Category 5e / 6 , Data, Voice and Gigabit cabling in commercial buildings.


Let our networking experts take care of all your networking needs. From setting up a small 2 computer LAN(Local Area Network) to building you a huge LAN/WAN (Wide Area Network) to maintaining, solving problems, or expanding your existing network.

Please read further about LAN based computing.


Consulting is the heart of our service. net works can guide your company’s use of information technology, allowing you to focus on making your core business successful.

Information Technology provides tools to make people more productive and more successful. By involving net works in your strategic and tactical planning, we can help you choose and manage those tools effectively.




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