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Server Colocation

Colocation is the service of keeping your server, or renting a server in our Daytona Beach datacenter.

Benefits of Colocating your servers with us:

  • Access to your data from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Fastest response time – Since your servers are already in our office we offer immediate attention to issues.
  • Reduced Costs on IT labor – Our rate for server repair/upgrades is 17% lower than our onsite rate
  • Reduced Payroll – There is no need to have your own server technician to sit and watch your servers
  • Reduce Electricity Costs – Most companies have at least 2 servers adding anywhere from $75-100 to their electric bill.
  • We have expertise in all versions of Microsoft Windows and Linux/UNIX operating systems
  • We have an ultra high speed fiber-optic internet connection
  • We have redundant power generators and air conditioning units.
  • Backup solutions to multiple states or even back to your office!




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