What to do when your Internet goes out

Being stuck without any Internet connection and scrambling to get that email sent out in time is one of the worst positions to be in for most people.  We have all been there with thoughts racing through our minds (mostly frustration) and wires in our hands trying to see if it’s “our problem” or “the ISP‘s problem.”  While sometimes our Internet provider is to blame, sometimes bad weather, power issues, and physical conditions contribute to networking equipment breaking down and failing.  Finding the equipment failing is the key to solving problems with Internet downtime.

Begin by checking the modem to see which lights are lit – often a device provided by your ISP (hooks up to a cable connection, fiber, T1, or telephone line).

  • No lights may indicate the modem isn’t getting power or has suffered a hardware failure.  Checking the connections and call your Internet provider if you cannot get it to turn on.
  • If you have an “Internet” (or “Cable”, etc.) light lit, you may have another device at fault, especially if your “PC,” “LAN,” or “Send/Receive” are not lit.
  • If your Internet light is not lit but your other lights are lit (such as “PC” or “LAN”) your Internet provider may be out.  Not much to do about this situation but call them.
  • If everything is lit and appears OK, you may have a problem with another piece of equipment or you may need to reboot the modem (unplug and plug it back in).

Next we have the router (which often distributes your connection to multiple machines or via wireless) to check and inspect.

  • No lights indicates the router isn’t getting power or is dead.  Consider plugging in a single computer to the modem temporarily until you can get a replacement router. Net Works provides router replacement and installation if you need assistance.
  • If your “WAN” light is not lit, check to ensure the cable connecting the modem to the router is in the right jack (marked or colored differently) and try a different cable if possible.
  • If none of the “Ethernet” or “LAN (1/2/3/4)” ports are lit, the cable between the router and computer may be unplugged on either end or may need replaced.
  • If everything is lit and appears OK, try rebooting the router as sometimes they experience intermittent issues (regular problems indicate a hardware issue – the router should be replaced in that case).

Lastly we have the computer itself, which is probably the most difficult to troubleshoot of all.

  • Try restarting – does it complain about a cable being unplugged?  If so, check the connection to your router.
  • If you are on wireless, check to ensure you have the right wireless settings saved by clicking on the icon in your task tray (bottom-right).
  • In some situations, plugging the computer directly into the modem (instead of the router) may resolve the issue temporarily.  You may also try a new jack on the router (as long as it is not the solo “WAN” port).

If all else fails and your Internet provider says things look good on their end, we highly recommend calling a local networking and computer repair company to service your issue.  Often a missed deadline costs more than a service call and will let you keep your sanity.  Net Works, Inc. has been in business for over ten years and has been servicing Daytona Beach, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, and the greater Volusia county area’s need for an experienced networking and computer repair company. We can be reached locally at 386-248-0000, toll-free at 866-590-7233, and via email at info@daytonanetworks.com (or just use the Contact Us page).