Ways That Net Works, Inc. Can Help You

At Net Works, Inc. we provide a full array of services for the Daytona Beach area, so we decided to fill you in on what those services are and how it might help you or your business in the future.

Computer Repair

It’s one of those things that are bound to happen at the wrong time. We provide quick, reliable, and affordable service for computers. Most of the time we’re able to innovate a solution that is quick and works with your budget. We repair home computers, servers, large network infrastructures, and more. Our drop-off repair pricing list can be viewed here. We also provide on-site computer repair.

Web-Site Design & Hosting

Being online is a crucial part to running a business these days. If you’re not online, you are greatly reducing the amount of exposure you could have. At Net Works, we design professional websites that utilize the latest technology instead of making mediocre websites. We have an in-house programming team, along with people who have an eye for design. We also provide SEO solutions to promote your website through Google AdWords campaigns, organic search listings, Places, mobile apps, and more.

Upon completion, we can offer hosting to you for an additional cost. Your customers will be amazed by our speed and reliability. Currently, we offer many packages that will bundle hosting into the design portion if you wish.

Network Solutions

I doesn’t matter if you need someone to setup two home computers on a home router, or 100 computers on a dedicated server for the office — we got you covered. Our staff is specially trained for both PC and MAC setups. We offer wiring solutions too. Give us a call at 386-248-0000 for a consultation, and let’s see what we can do for you.

Software Update / Software Removal

Sometimes computers begin to run slow due to the type of software we’re using. Most of the time it’s because you need a software update, or perhaps a re-install. At Net Works we have diagnostic software that can optimize your computer’s speed. It may sound like a¬†gimmick, but if you’ve neglected to install updates for years/months/weeks even, you should let us take a look. Using outdated software is like asking to be attacked by a hacker. Our technicians won’t steer you wrong, and will clean your computer so that it runs like it did the first day you brought it home.

You know where to go if you encounter one of the issues listed above.