Ormond Beach Computer Repair

ormond beach computer repairThere are many reasons that your computer freezes . It can be very difficult and frustrating to try to fix it. An ormond beach computer freezes for several reasons but the most common is because of the Windows registry. In many cases it is full of too much data that is not needed, or the important data has become jumbled with the unwanted data. This data inevitably ends up in the registry over time, but there are several things you may be doing that are making you say “My ormond computer is slow.”

. Too many tasks – Flooding your computer with too many tasks can cause computer freezes. To prevent this you should reduce the number of programs that you’re running at one time.

. Overheating – If your ormond beach computer feels hot it could be overheating and causing the problem. Try cleaning out the fan area, or if the problem persists you should take the computer in for repairs.

. Websites – Sometimes certain website will cause problems. You can either not use the website or try to pull it up in a different internet browser.

. Viruses and Spyware – Sometimes viruses and spyware are the culprits. Spyware is hard to detect through normal antivirus protection. You will want to make sure your antivirus and spyware programs are properly installed and updated.

. Internet Connection – Sometimes it is not your computer at all that is causing the problem. Your internet service provider may be working on the connection which may cause your internet to freeze up or act slow.

It is likely that the ormond beach computer freezes or works slowly due to one of these situations. There are several different ways a computer can be frozen. Sometimes a specific piece of hardware is frozen, like the mouse or keyboard, and sometimes just a certain application will be frozen. Once your computer has frozen there are a few things you can do.

Step 1: First check the hard drive light, it will have a can shaped symbol next to it. If this symbol is blinking you need to wait until it has finished. If it’s been working for more than a minute then you will have to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Press (ctrl + alt + delete) all at the same time. If your computer responds to this it will bring up the task manager window. From here you can click End Program on the program that’s not responding. Continue doing this until your computer is unfrozen or you have ended all of the running programs.

Step 3: If this doesn’t work you will have to restart your computer. Either press (ctrl + alt + delete) twice in a row or hold down the power button for 5-10 seconds. Allow your computer to sit for about a minute before you restart it.

It’s possible that your ormond beach computer freezes because the registry needs to be cleaned. Windows registry cleaner sorts through all of the information in the registry and gets rid of files that are not needed. There are many free Windows registry cleaner programs online that you can download to fix a Windows registry. You should run a Windows registry cleaner once every couple of weeks. This will help speed up your computer as well as prevent freezes.