VOIP Phone Systems

daytona_voip_phoneSmall companies are increasingly choosing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) hosted business phone packages. They allow you to harness the power of the internet to reduce your monthly phone bill while adding a multitude of new features. Remote offices can be virtually anywhere and incoming callers will never know. A call can be transferred to any VoIP phone anywhere on the internet as if it was in the next room. Voice mail can be sent straight to you email inbox. Phone calls are easy to encrypt and can even include video of the participants.

The Benefits of a VoIP System are:

  • Unified Wiring
    Instead of separate wiring for telephones and separate wiring for data, all data and voice are on the LAN. There is usually plenty of bandwidth available on a well designed LAN.
  • Web based administration
    With a VoIP system, all system administration functions are performed on the network usually through a browser based administration program. This means that the system can be modified from anywhere if required.
  • Leveraging the Internet for telephone calls
    When calls flow over the Internet, long distance charges are avoided. This is great for remote workers who can stay logged into the office all the time without incurring any additional charges.
  • Private Instant messaging
    Instant Messaging is a great corporate tool when used properly. With a VoIP system, Instant Messaging can be limited to corporate business eliminating some of the security issues associated with public Instant Messaging sites and provides complete control to management.
  • Peer to Peer phone calls
    All calls are Pee
    r to Peer. This is a big advantage over the traditional PSTN. The call is set up by the VoIP server then the call flows between the two endpoints. All of the voice or video traffic is direct between the two endpoints reducing the congestion at the server.
  • daytona_voip-300x182Peer to Peer Video
    Video sessions can be set up between endpoints.
  • Remote users
    Everyone who is logged into the system is capable of receiving and originating calls. If an employee is at a remote office in Orlando and a call comes into the corporate headquarters in Daytona Beach, the call can be directed to the employee in Orlando just as if that person were in Daytona Beach. The use of the corporate communication resources such as voice mail, automated attendant and email are all centralized simplifying all support and maintenance.
  • Reduced Costs
    Cost reduction in operating a VoIP system covers just about all areas of the business.