Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. We hope it finds everyone in good health and prosperity. This is our first email version of Tech Talk which, like the previous print versions, will be filled with important hardware/software reviews, tips and tricks, security alerts, a bit of humor, and much more. We will brief you with important computer related news and ideas you need to know.

Company News : Our new location - Downtown Daytona Beach!

We've recently moved into a new retail / office space with over 4x the room of our old location, 4000 sqft to be exact. Our new supersized tech area is getting customers pcs back to them fast. We are now located in beautiful downtown Daytona Beach, so you can drop off your computer and spend some time enjoying the other local businesses and restaurants in the area.

Our new address is : Net Works, Inc
144 South Beach Street
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Featured Service : $80 Flat Fee Drop-off Computer Repair

There is no need to drive out to Best Buy and stand in line for hours. Net Works now offers an $80 flat fee computer repair service. Spyware/Virus removals, hardware/software upgrades, and Windows reinstalls. The same certified technicians that have been servicing your commercial equipment for over 10 years are now available to the public. Read More

Tech Tip of the Month : The Windows 7 Shake

If you frequently have multiple windows open simultaneously, your desktop can get very cluttered. This can get annoying if you're working on one program and want to minimize all the other windows -- in previous versions of Windows you had to minimize them individually.

With Windows 7's "shake" feature, you can minimize every window except the one in which you're currently working, in a single step. Click and hold the title bar of the window you want to keep on the desktop; then shake it quickly back and forth until all of the other windows minimize to the taskbar. Then let go. To make them return, shake the title bar again.

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