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Mobile Apps to Optimize Your Business

Unleash the power of your mobile workforce or unchain your staff. With over 300,000 apps available, there is almost certainly one to fit your business model. If not, now is the time to have an app written. We've done some research and below are a few apps we have found to utilize in your business.

For Everyone : Evernote

Your best ideas don't always come while you are at your desk. With Evernote you can quickly note and organize your ideas while on the go.
Read more at http://www.evernote.com

For Realtors : Zillow

Every realtor should have Zillow on their smartphone. Impress your customers by getting comparibles while showing a house. Zillow provides data and info on all U.S. homes, not just homes for sale. Read more at ttp://www.zillow.com/mobile

For Lawyers and Contractors: Time Master

Time Master is a convenient app that tracks time spent on projects or with customers. It will continue to track time even when the app is closed. Hours are assigned to specific clients, but they can be further broken down into different projects or custom definitions. Read more at  http://on-core.com/timemaster

For Salesreps : mwSales

Mobile Warrior is a great collection of apps for business professionals on the go. Their sales module is perfect for your sales force. It manages leads and quotes, birthdays and photos. It lets you rate probabilities, status, and the value of leads while in the field. Read more at http://www.mobilewarrior.com

Tech Tip of the Month :
Windows 7 Background Photo Slideshow

If you like to change your desktop background from time to time, you can now setup windows to automatically do this for you.

Right click on the desktop then go to Personalize -> Desktop Background and hold the CTRL key while choosing the images. Then you can choose the time intervals between images and opt to display them randomly or in a row.

WebSite of the Month : Socwall.com

Socwall (social wallpapering) is our favorite site for background images. You can filter by screen sizes : standard, widescreen and even dual screen. Also you can browse by theme : nature, space, movies, etc... Check it out at


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