Has Your Business Gone Mobile?

Just having a computer system at your company used to be the ultimate strategy for processing orders, managing employees and controlling costs. With the Internet ruling online business, you set up a website to sell goods to virtually any customer in the world. However, you must venture further into the online world with mobile phone use. With devices held in almost every consumer’s hand, you need to harness this market to effectively market and direct customers to your brand.

daytona_mobile_businessDevice Sales Speak Volumes

As you walk around any public space, take note of all the devices floating around. From smartphones to tablets, people want to be connected at all times. Whether they are simply texting, using social media or price checking a product, you want your business to be mobile as well. The more exposure your brand has translates into higher profits. People want a comfortable brand to trust and automatically rely on, from clothing to cellphone accessories.

Responsive Web Design’s Priority

Responsive web design, or RWD, is an integral part of today’s mobile business. If a smartphone only accesses a company’s website, the font and entire page is too complicated to decipher. What RWD does is form a mobile site that has the basics. Business locations, hours and product pricing are just a few items that can accessed. The page displayed on the mobile device is simple and easy to navigate. Users will automatically shut off your company’s page if it looks too complicated. RWD encourages users to stay on the mobile site to find the information they need and spend money accordingly.

PC Versus Mobile Use

PCs or laptops are still viable devices that consumers use each day for extensive research. For example, a consumer looks up reviews of local Mexican food restaurants. From there, they research healthy foods their chosen restaurant offers. In-depth research is not typically performed on tablets or smartphones. When a consumer leaves home for a day of shopping and visiting friends, that’s the time period when they use their mobile device consistently. They update statuses and find a local ice cream shop as they visit a park or movie theater, for instance. Because people enjoy using their handheld devices to improve their daily experiences, it is critical to have a mobile website.

Digital Marketing For The Mobile World

When you use RWD for a mobile site, you aren’t giving up your traditional website. In fact, the mobile side is usually an add-on, giving your company virtually two websites for search engine optimization, or SEO. With more keywords across both online platforms, your search engine results may increase in views. For even more exposure, you may want to look into developing an app, or application. With a permanent icon on consumers’ devices, your information, sales and products are immediately accessed any time of day.